03 mars 2010

A book to understand how one can establish a link between learning processes and competitive advantages.

“Organizational learning and competitive advantage”, a book edited by Bertrand Moingeon (HEC Paris) and Amy Edmondson (Harvard School).
(Un livre qui permet de comprendre comment établir un lien entre les processus d’apprentissage et la mise en évidence d’avantages compétitifs).
"Integrating thinking and acting is the name of the game in today's dynamic marketplace. . . . This book takes an important first step towards integrating theories of competitive advantage and . . . . organizational learning, a rapprochement which can come none too soon for the management practitioner." --Peter Senge, Director, Center for Organizational Learning, MIT Sloan School of Management "The chapters in this volume provide many important insights into how to integrate the different managerial functions and thus overcome one of the chief barriers to organizational learning." --Chris Argyris, Harvard Business School "This book unlike many others, odes not fall into the trap of simply regurgitating established ideas and theories. . . . it is rare for a group of authors to be able to unite tow paradigms: strategy and organizational learning." --Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean of HEC-- Paris Organizations facing uncertain, changing, or ambiguous market conditions need to be able to learn. Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage explores organizational learning as a key factor in achieving competitive advantage and links two disciplines together--strategic management and organizational behavior. In a lively transatlantic dialogue the contributors to this work forge a link between the strategic theories of management and the behaviors that affect their implementation. As the field of strategic management shifts to embrace a new emphasis on organizational capabilities and their development, organizational learning occupies an increasingly central place within the field. The diverse, multidiscplinary approaches contained in the volume are an important step toward providing and integrative theory of management. This book will appeal to a wide range of students in strategy and organizational behavior and management studies. From a learning standpoint, this volume is truly original, from a strategy standpoint, this work is visionary.
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