09 août 2015

Education : 2 great videos from Sir Ken Robinson !

I want to share with you these two videos from Sir Ken Robinson. Not only he is excellent, great sense of humor, but more important he is touching key subjects about education.

In the first one, he is arguing that we do not need an evolution but a revolution ! An evolution should mean that we want to change something that is indeed broken.

We need to rethink the way we are teaching our children, emphasizing new skills, new elements. I would say "a new culture" as we moved in the digital world. Look at it and get your own opinion. 

The second one has been performed in 2006. On education as well, but focused on creativity at school. One of the best video I have ever seen indeed. By the way, I am not the only one ... the most viewed at TED since the beginning ! More than 34M viewers !!! Worth a view !

Education is critical for the next generation and us as well. Digital change a lot of things. The young generations are totally changing the landscape. The GEN Y is not "digital native" but they grew up with tablets and smartphone. They are not afraid to develop codes when they want to adapt an application. Gen Y is not digital native but knows how to deal with. The next wave will be different. The Z will emerge and think about problems and opportunities in a very different way. Digital is not just technology, this is more about a new culture, a new way to look at things. With no doubt, we are at the beginning of a big revolution. And everything starts at school.

So what we need is to adapt programs, teacher's education, connections with enterprises and finally with the entire society. This is really critical for our overall future.