26 août 2012

Act with passion

You can act or act with passion. 
Not exactly the same. 
Some people are just doing the job, what they have to deliver. 
Others are doing what I would call the "extra miles". It could be little things. It could be big things. But anyway, things that will make in reality a big difference. They are doing this because they act with passion. Because what they do matters for them. They know that without passion, you cannot change the landscape, challenge the status quo and make the necessary transformations. 
Transforming is indeed not that easy. By nature, we do not like changes. We do prefer to act in environments that we know well, the ones where things sound familiar to us. But we are also fully aware that in the current world this is becoming quite impossible. Things are moving so fast that we need to adapt permanently, we need to act with a sense of urgency, before our competitors, before new potential players. Passion can help a lot. 
With passion you are different.  
With passion you are involved more than anyone else, whatever the reason of your passion. 
With passion you can do things that seem to others quite impossible.
With passion you can keep on track without loosing your goals even if the context becomes hard. 
Question: is it possible to acquire passion ? 
I feel that some people are passionated by nature and some others will never be. 
I am also convinced that we can learn "how to get more passion ?"
There is a direct link between our personal and professional life. Being happy in the first helps people to be more passionate in the second one. Indeed, it is quite impossible to be enthusiast on one side and not on the other. There is there a deep connexion. 
My conclusion is that passion has to be looked in different ways : 

  • about you, it is mainly a question of attitude and behaviors. If you want to be passionate, start by showing that you are ... it is not stupid to think that this could be like many things a learning process curve.
  • about your team or the team you work with : passion has to be transmitted to others. It is hard to be full of passion in a group that is missing passion big time. It is also quite hard to leave among a group of people, fully passionated and motivated, if you are not !
  • about the company you work for : passion should start here. Whatever the organization you work for, you need to be passionate by it. Embracing its goals is quite mandatory. Which means that passion has something to see with values.  You cannot work for a business or social entity if you are distant from its values 

Passion is an engine. 
An engine in your personal life, your friends, your partner. 
An engine in your professional life, in your company, in your team.
An engine for you as an individual. 
An engine for companies hoping to reach success.