03 janvier 2016

Holographic reality from amazing young and talented engineers !

Today in my blog is something special. I should say someone special. David Fattal, a brilliant French engineer from Polytechnique (France) and Stanford (PhD) has launched a company called LEIA 3D with 2 other great leaders and engineers, Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux (also French and from Polytechnique, with an MS from NYU) and Zhen Peng (PhD). 

LEIA 3D is the pioneer of holographic reality. Interactive holographic technology makes possible to deliver collaborative 3D experience on any device in the world. The company is a spin-off of HP Labs and was launched in December 2013. LEIA is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. 

David Fattal
I know David for a long time now and I believe what his company is doing is going to revolutionize a lot of things we knew before. 

David has been recognized several times, in particular by the Faurre Prize (Polytechnique) and the MIT prize.

Let me share some materials here for you to know more about LEAI 3D :

Company information and links

A paper about LEIA 3D

Video CNN

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Je termine par cette vidéo. J'avais interviewé David à Paris en 2013. Voir ci-dessous :