01 janvier 2016

Let's start 2016 with ... passion !

I wish all of you the best for 2016. 

In many aspects, 2015 was a fantastic year and beautiful things happened. 

On the other hand, Paris and other places in the world have been bruised by horrible terrorist attacks. We will keep this in mind for ever. Every face we have seen during weeks on screens, newspapers and TV are now in our memory. 

I want to thank all of you for following me on the blog, on linkedIn and now on Twitter (I am for few months now). I take a lot of pleasure to share my modest thoughts about the society and leadership. Hope we will continue to have productive discussions again in 2016.

I thought about what could be the best world to start 2016 and I realize that in everything we do, nothing is more important than passion

With Passion, we can achieve extraordinary things. 
With Passion people will follow you. 
With passion we are energized. 
Passion has to fuel our life ! 

So keep your dreams up and make sure to drive them with passion !